Rough Conditions and Extreme Environments

The Swedish Mountain Rescue wear Tierra in their daily profession


Swedish Mountain Rescue

Their job is to be there when things get tough on the mountain. The conditions can be extreme and clothes become a matter of safety. The Swedish Mountain Rescue, or Fjällräddningen, is only one of a number of professionals that have chosen to use Tierra clothes in their everyday job. From rescue teams to sherpas in the Himalayas. Many of them, we have worked together with for many years.

In the following video you get a brief history of the Swedish Mountain Rescue’s work and a glimpse of their annual spring training near Sylarna, Sweden. You also get to see our Head of Product Development, Erik Blomberg, being rescued by the Swedish Mountain Rescue team.

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The Mountain Rescue's Favourite

The professional users buy clothes from our regular collection. Sometimes we adjust the garment with for example extra reflective details or attachment for radio equipment.