Rista Tube

29.95 €
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A warm and cozy neck tube knitted in Sweden with a unique 3D knitting technique. Soft and moisture-transporting inside with merino wool on the outside. The fabric is a sustainable alternative to the classic fleece.

Cosy sweater for conscious winter days

  • Sizes: Onesize
  • Weight: 100 gram


  • Warm neck tube
  • Unique fabric that doesn’t contribute to the spread of microplastics
  • Fabric is developed and knitted in Sweden
  • Soft and moisture-transporting
  • Hexagonal shaped air pockets
  • Mulesing free merino wool
  • Less washing thanks to the character of wool

Rista is the result of our aim to find a sustainable alternative to the classic fleece. Together with our knitter in Gällstad, near Swedish town Borås, we’ve developed a new fabric with similar characteristics to the fleece, but without contributing to the spread of microplastics in our oceans. But the story begins in a rubbish bin.

The Rista story goes back to a finding in a rubbish bin at our knitter in Gällstad. It was a tiny piece of fabric where the outside was separated from the inside, an experiment from the knitters but they never found an area of use for it. Curious as we are, the piece of fabric came back with us to the Tierra office.

Simultaneously the first reports on microplastics in the world seas and oceans were published and one of the bad guys is the classic fleece jacket. Our Head of Production Development and our Designer wanted to find an alternative mid-layer. And this is when the idea of Rista began. Because what happens if we combine a wool layer on the outside with a Primaloft layer on the inside, a two-layer solution just like the piece of fabric in the rubbish bin?

Together with the knitter and through advanced 3D knitting we developed the fabric. The surface is made of mulesing free merino wool and the inside of soft and extremely hydrophobic Primaloft yarn. In-between the two surfaces we created hexagonal shaped air pockets. The Primaloft will always keep the inside dry, the air pockets will give the extra insulation with no added weight and the merino wool will balance the evaporation speed to get a comfortable temperature. A superb mid-layer that also came out really good looking.

Material: Surface made out of mulesing free merino wool and inside made out of soft and extremely hydrophobic PrimaLoft yarn. Between the two layers hexagonal air pockets that create an isolating layer where the moisture can be transported. Fabric is developed and knitted in Sweden.