Kaiparo Hemp Tee M

39.95 €
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Comfy striped t-shirt, that thanks to the durable hemp will last, both in terms of shape and quality. At the same time, it’s thin with a cooling effect. A clear summer favourite.

Soft striped t-shirt made out of hemp

  • Materials: Hemp
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Weight: 95 gram


  • T-shirt made out of hemp and OCS certified organic cotton
  • Thin yet durable
  • Cooling effect
  • Natural look
  • SZ yarn makes it keep its shape
  • Oeko-Tex® fabric

Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibres on the planet. By blending it with organic cotton, we achieve a thin yet durable t-shirt that wears in – not out. We have used SZ yarn, meaning both left and right spun yearn resulting in a t-shirt that won’t twist.

The fabric together with the fit give a comfortable and light feeling. Thin yet surprisingly durable. This is what we would call a ‘top of the line’ tee that you just don’t want to take off.

Learn more about why we choose hemp in our clothes here.

Material: 30% hemp, 70% OCS certified organic cotton