Material Philosophy at Tierra

Our brand is built on functionality and durability


Since Tierra started over thirty years ago, the purpose has been to make garments that protect you from the weather not only in mountain environments but in every aspect of outdoor life. Therefore, materials have always been extremely important to us, our brand is built on functionality and durability. Another important aspect that early became another main consideration to our material choices is sustainability. Today it is part of our mission to find new sustainable solutions. We have always been keen on testing new materials, and this heritage led us to what you have seen from us these recent years; bio-based synthetics, innovative knitting and hemp to mention a few materials.

"This heritage led us to what you have seen from us these recent years; bio-based synthetics, innovative knitting and hemp"

Quality and Responsibility

The demands of garments in the extreme environment that the mountains are, and the consequences with a jacket that doesn’t keep you dry or a sweater that doesn’t keep you warm, can lead to life threatening situations. That is why all the details in a Tierra garment is thoroughly thought through and has a specific function. One proof of the functionality of the garments is the professional users that have chosen to work in Tierra clothes. These include the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority, International School of Mountaineering, the Swedish Police and the Swedish Alpine Mountain Rescue among others.

Development of good garments is in our eyes not only about quality, functionality and durability. It is just as important that all parts of the development and production process don’t create any unnecessary environmental or health risks. We are extremely careful with the choice of which materials to use. We always choose the most environmental friendly alternative for each garment even though it sometimes means added cost. This often leads us to use materials with some sort of environmental quality stamp such as Oeko-Tex and Bluesign though we not always use any special tags to show it.

As a part of the Fenix Outdoor Group we are also members of FLA – Fair Labour Association. FLA is a multi-stakeholder initiative comprising companies, NGOs, universities and governmental organizations that strive to improve working conditions in sub-contracted companies around the globe. Not only does the FLA provide independent assessments of companies and working conditions, it also offers support and training to help improve conditions and make real, positive contributions to social development.

Further documentation about our and the Fenix Outdoor Group’s social and environmental work can be found at The Fenix Way.

Natural Fibres

As friends to our planet we like the idea of using material that is available naturally in nature. Natural fibres are fibres produced from plants, animals, and geological processes, and can be so much more than just cotton. We have explored a few of them and are amazed by their unique properties, which made us constantly curious to find more.

A few years ago, we set an ambitious goal to use only certified organic cotton in our cotton products. Today we are proud to claim that 100% of our cotton is organic. Since 2014 we also set a target of reducing the total amount of cotton we use in our natural fibre products. The reason is the extensive water need also for growing organic cotton.

In line with this aim, we now use blends with wool, TENCEL™ Lyocell and hemp in our natural fibres line. Not only to reduce the amount of cotton but also to enhance the properties of a garment. Hemp has a significantly lower environmental footprint compared to cotton and it is also an extraordinary strong natural fibre that we use to make fabrics stronger. TENCEL™ Lyocell is produced from tree pulp and is used to make soft fabrics with a fantastic lustre. Wool is used for its natural anti-odour and insulating properties.

Collaboration for the Environment

Tierra is since 2013 member of the SAC – Sustainable Apparel Coalition. SAC is a trade organization comprised of brands, retailers, manufacturers, government, and non-governmental organizations and academic experts, representing more than a third of the global apparel and footwear market. The Coalition is working to reduce the environmental and social impacts of apparel and footwear products around the world.

The focus of SAC is The Higg Index – a suite of assessment tools that standardizes the measurement of the environmental and social impacts of apparel and footwear products across the product lifecycle and throughout the value chain.

Tierra is also member of the Sustainable Fashion Academy (SFA). SFA’s vision is an apparel industry that creates happier people, stronger communities, and a resilient planet. SFA’s mission is to accelerate the industry innovations needed to ensure this happens. To this end, SFA equips leaders and entrepreneurs working at different levels within the industry with the knowledge and tools they need to develop and drive sustainable apparel innovations.