Gore-Tex® PFCec Free DWR

New Gore-Tex®-material with PFCec Free DWR


Since 2014, Tierra have been using fluorocarbon free DWR on all garments except Gore products. Gore has now set ambitious goals on eliminating PFCs of Environmental Concern from the life cycle of its consumer fabrics products by 2023. First out is implementing PFCec Free DWR on all 2-layer materials and Paclite from fall/winter 2018. Of course, we embrace this and simultaneously launch our first PFCec Free Gore products. Learn more about Gore’s PFC goal here. https://www.gore-tex.com/pfcgoal

PFCec stands for ”Per and Poly-Fluorinated Chemical of Environmental Concern”, which means that Gore guarantees that the fluoropolymers that harm the environment have been eliminated in their DWR (Durable Water Repellent).

GORE-TEX® products with PFCec Free DWR treatment offer protection against the elements for a wide range of activities and are GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY®.

"PFCec stands for ”Per and Poly-Fluorinated Chemical of Environmental Concern” "

In conjunction with Gore’s launch, Tierra is launching five totally new styles; four jackets and one pair of pants: Vigeln 3 in 1 Jacket W, Veman 3 in 1 Jacket M, Malmagen Parka M, Packoat M/Packoat W and Cover Up padded Pant M/Cover Up padded Pant W. We have in addition chosen to update the material on the existing styles Back Up Jacket M/Back Up Jacket W, Back Up Hybrid Pants M/Back Up Hybrid Pants W, Cover Up Jacket M/Cover Up Jacket W och Cover Up Pant M/Cover Up Pant W. We are excited about Gore’s development of their remaining fabrics, so that we in the future can update all of our Gore-Tex® styles to the more sustainable alternative.