Natural material with several advantages

Wool is great for the mountain


Wool is a natural material, and also a remarkably sophisticated fibre. Wool absorbs moisture which is then transported away from the body, and keeps you warm even while damp. This also helps to regular your temperature when switching between heavy and light activity. Wool is also naturally resistant to dirt and bad odours, which means that woollen garments do not need to be washed as often as similar synthetic garments. Airing the garment is usually sufficient for it to feel clean again.

At Tierra we use different types of wool; from soft merino wool in next to skin products, to European wool in mid-layers and lining.

To us it’s important that the merino wool we use, is certified mulesing free.

We also run a project to take care of Swedish wool. The Swedish wool is usually rougher than merino wool and is not suitable for underclothing, but we’re looking at using it as lining.

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