We Work Here

A small team with great love of adventure


Kebnekaise, Sweden

Erik Tjerneld | Brand Manager

My name is Erik Tjerneld and I am the Brand Manager at Tierra. Surfing and Downhill skiing are my great passions and even more fun is to go with skins on and also do some climbing to get to the run. Most fun now, however, is to see my two kids learning to ski and to see them having fun on the skis. I really look forward to get them on the surfboard as well. I have a hard time choosing a favourite garment but if I have to it would be the Ace Pant… and the Roc Blanc Jacket… and the Häggsta jeans… and… hmmm.

Erik Blomberg | Head of Product Development

I’m Erik Blomberg and I’m the Head of Product Development at Tierra. I hold a Master of Science (M Sc) in engineering with a specialization in polymeric materials and product development. I got my textile training during my childhood, with a mum who sews and knits and a dad who weaves rag rugs. When I was younger I dreamed of climbing the highest mountains, nowadays I’m happy just being outside getting sweaty and cold. At the moment I prefer to get sweaty on my bike or in my surfski, and I carefully try to awake my kids’ interest in outdoor life through sailing, climbing and skiing.

Magdalena Widerberg | Product Developer

During my childhood I was encouraged to be curious and I was taught to be solution-oriented with my big family. I have always had an interest for textiles and combined with technique this led me to educate myself to Textile Engineer. With my job, I get the chance to participate in questions that are important to me in terms of sustainable development, to be able to influence what kind of clothes we wear, that they are great products and not only for the purpose but also through the entire process chain.

Adventure to me is to experience. I enjoy skiing, both alpine and cross country, to just be in nature, and I like water. To swim and surf. At the moment, the greatest adventure is to begin experiencing these things together with my son. My favourite garment, that I wear a lot, is the Flon Rain Jacket.

Mattias Sahlin | Designer

I have designed the Tierra clothes from the season of Fall/Winter 2018. The product development at Tierra is nothing like what I’ve come across during my nearly 20 years as designer. There’s an enormous curiosity for new solutions and materials. The level of quality, functionality and sustainability (both for the garment itself and the environment) is extremely high. I get to work with the best materials available, and design and product development get to take the time needed. And if the material isn’t good, we develop our own together with our suppliers.

At Tierra, the functionality and quality of the products, as well as care of everybody involved and our environment, is prioritized over margin hunts and quick in season deliveries. This is very uncommon today.

I sleep best in a tent. An adventure can be anything from experiencing a surf break to a fishing location. The activity depends on season, company and conditions. My favourite garment is Roc Blanc. It’s hearty, uncompromising and built to endure extreme wear.


Shamik Neogi | Production and buying Manager

My name is Shamik Neogi and I am responsible for buying, sourcing and production for Tierra. I am really picky when it comes to quality and I make life difficult for myself most of the times for that reason. But in the end it is the users’ satisfaction that counts. My favourite product is the Back Up Jacket Gen.2 – I love it.

Alexandra Kalling | Acting Marketing Manager

I am the newest addition to the Tierra team. For me it is important to work for a brand with values that I stand for. I am proud to be working for a brand that cares so much about high quality, sustainability and the users.

I like working in a small team since I get to take part of not only my own area, but also the product development process, something I have always been interested in as well.

I love to be out in the nature, try new outdoor activities and explore new places. Working at Tierra inspires me to do that even more.

Malin Eurenius | Marketing Manager (maternity leave)

Spending time in nature is to me about taking deep breaths, challenge myself and to be allowed to focus. I enjoy being outside and that’s why I enjoy working at Tierra. My outdoor wardrobe is mostly used for skiing and ski touring, climbing, cycling, surfing and family hikes. And I am quite enthusiastic about insulation jackets and of course the shell jacket of shell jackets, Roc Blanc.

What struck me most, when I started at Tierra a few years ago, was the enormous knowledge, nerdiness and passion among the people here. In everything from materials to how environmental friendly we as individuals can become. It’s a luxury to work with marketing and communications at Tierra and working days in the mountains are of course a nice benefit. Hope to see you out there!