Freedom Engineered since 1983

Tierra is a Swedish outdoor clothing brand committed to innovation and environmental consciousness


First all-Swedish expedition to Mount Everest in 1991

For over 30 years we have known how to engineer clothes that keep us dry, warm and comfortable for freedom to experience nature whatever the conditions.

Our mission is to develop technical clothes for the long run, by finding materials and solutions that are sustainable both for us users and the planet. So we can stay out, longer. Forever.

The history of Tierra

We have our origins in Kinna, a small village in the Western part of Sweden. Tierra was founded in 1983 by a Swedish man called Anders, who saw the opportunities of shell garments and outdoor clothes. But the event that truly formed us into the brand we are today was the first all-Swedish expedition to Mount Everest in 1991. Without any direct experience in making clothes for high summits, Tierra got the mission to develop clothes for the expedition. Luckily, the challenge was accepted and accomplished with success, and ever since we have made clothes for countless expeditions and adventures; the North Pole with Ola Skinnarmo in 2000 being one of them. Innovativeness, the urge to constantly improve and the mindset that nothing is impossible has thus become part of Tierra’s DNA.

The name ”Tierra”

The story of why Tierra is called Tierra begins in South America and the world’s longest mountain range. The Andes is sometimes described with three climate zones. Tierra Calienta with low altitude and warm climate, Tierra Templada with moderate altitude and slightly colder climate and Tierra Fria with high altitude and colder temperatures. From this description and with the strong connection to the mountains, the idea of the name Tierra was born. And the rest is history.



Our friend Chhiring Dorje Sherpa in the Himalayas back in the days