Freedom Engineered since 1983

Tierra is a Swedish outdoor clothing brand committed to innovation and environmental consciousness


First all-Swedish expedition to Mount Everest in 1991

For over 30 years we have known how to engineer clothes that keep us dry, warm and comfortable for freedom to experience nature whatever the conditions.

Our mission is to develop technical clothes for the long run, by finding materials and solutions that are sustainable both for us users and the planet. So we can stay out, longer. Forever.

Constant Adventuring

In 1991 we reached the top of Mount Everest for the first time and have ever since experienced countless adventures in the mountains and beyond. And our garments develop through constant adventuring – by being sensitive to our views and those of others. The Tierra Test Team and the Swedish Alpine Mountain Rescue are examples of invaluable sounding boards and product testers. Invaluable in our efforts to satisfy all of us who search for another part of the mountain.


We aim to inspire our users to venture outside and explore, whether it is your local forest or the peaks of the Andes. Important in both scenarios is being able to trust your garment to function well and last a long time. We achieve this by using proven solutions, durable constructions, the best available materials, a perfect fit and no unnecessary cut lines. Augmenting our garments’ length of life also means you don’t need to buy new ones as often, we regard this factor as one of our biggest contributions to reducing environmental impact. This is what we at Tierra call No-Fuss-Design.


Our friend Chhiring Dorje Sherpa in the Himalayas back in the days