Converting Leftover Fabrics into New Products

Tierra Upcycling


The clothing industry produces a lot of leftover material that often gets thrown away and burned. A huge waste of resources. We wanted to do something with all of these leftover fabrics and created the Tierra Upcycling Program. In this way we turn the leftover fabrics into fantastic products you normally wouldn’t expect to find in the ordinary Tierra range.

The Tierra Back Bag is made out of leftover 3-Layer Gore-Tex Pro fabric from an old jacket style. It is fully taped to keep water away and to remind you of our taped garments. It is perfect to stuff your things in when your out and about – training, climbing, traveling etc, and keeps your belongings dry. A total of 1725 pieces were produced the first time – as many as the leftover fabric allowed.

Other previous products in our Upcycling Program are the Duster Jacket and Couch Potato Pants. Functional garments with a different touch.

Tierra Back Bag

A waterproof 30 L bag made out of leftover fabric.