The supply chain

We believe in transparency and traceability

By Tierra

Tierra is part of the Fenix Outdoor Group

As a leading Group of Outdoor companies, Fenix Outdoor is committed to encouraging people to spend more time outside. With this comes a responsibility to make sure that it is achieved with the least possible impact on the environment.

At Tierra, we always strive to be at the forefront when it comes to new and sustainable solutions. It is a mission that we take very seriously. We are always experimenting with new technologies and materials. A result that we are particularly proud of is our Deterra jacket, the world’s first fully bio-based functional jacket.


Another aspect that we believe is very important in our ambition to continue to improve our environmental footprint is transparency. The Fenix Outdoor Group has published a list with all supplying partners to Fenix outdoor brands, available here.

We work hard to assure that our supply chain is as sustainable as possible all the way, from working with the best raw materials to making sure that we work with factories that match our requirements when it comes to working conditions, environmental aspects and quality.

As a part of the Fenix Outdoor Group we are also members of FLA – Fair Labour Association. FLA is a multi-stakeholder initiative comprising companies, NGOs, universities and governmental organizations that strive to improve working conditions in sub-contracted companies around the globe. Not only does the FLA provide independent assessments of companies and working conditions, it also offers support and training to help improve conditions and make real, positive contributions to social development.

Further documentation about our and the Fenix Outdoor Group’s social and environmental work can be found at The Fenix Way.

Our Product Developer Magdalena and Production Manager Shamik visiting one of our factories.

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