Re-Sorted limited edition

Made of left-over fabrics that would otherwise have been thrown away

By Tierra

Humanity now requires 60% more resources than nature can produce according to the Living Planet Report from WWF. Today, we live globally as if we had 1.6 globes instead of the one we have.

At Tierra, we do our best to engineer clothes in an environmentally friendly way; we build clothes that last, both quality-wise and design-wise.

But even though we use materials with as little environmental impact as possible, it still takes a lot of energy and natural resources to develop them.

In the Re-Sorted program we use leftover fabrics. Fabrics that otherwise would have become trash. Doing so, we not only spare natural resources, it also gives us the opportunity to create limited edition garments with a different look and approach than our regular collection.


Therefore, each jacket has its own colourful story. As a tribute to this, we’ve given every jacket a unique number. Check the inside of the jacket to see what number your garment have.


See the full collection here.

The Collection