Dressed for hiking

Tierra's tips on how to dress on your summer and autumn hikes

Tierra's intern Julia in Norway

Now during the late summer months many people are out hiking. Some of us from Tierra have been hiking in places including Norway, Austria and the High Coast during our summer holidays. Extremely beautiful places with lots of changes in altitude. This allows the temperature to shift quite a bit during the hikes. And as always, the weather can be quite unpredictable, which one must be prepared for. As a hiker, you want to pack light, and through smart choices you can manage really well with only a few pieces of clothing. Material such as wool can be worn for several days without starting to smell. By dressing in layers, it is easy to adjust to different weather conditions, and small details such as ventilation zippers can make a bigger difference than you may think. Tierra has many garments that we think work well for hiking. Here are our favourites.


For the warmest hours

Lano Solid Tee M/Lano Solid Tee W: News for the season! A functional tee made of merino wool and organic cotton. The best thing with wool is that the material is naturally self-cleaning and keeps the smell away. Wool keeps you warm when it is cold and cools you down when it is warm, both in dry and wet conditions. Thus, it is fine to only bring two tees to alter between during the hike, even if you are out for several days. Lano Plain LS Tee M/Lano Plain LS Tee W, is the long-sleeved version.

Pace Shorts M/Pace Shorts W: Thin and stretchy shorts in Two-Face Stretch Light, our thinnest soft-shell material, with a fluorocarbon free DWR. Great movability and pocket storage. The shorts also feature our unique Waist Adjuster.


When it gets colder

Rista Mid Sweatshirt M/Rista Mid Sweatshirt W: News for the season! A mid weight version of our Rista Jacket. Soft sweater with a surface of merino wool and an inside made out of soft Primaloft yarn. Our advanced Rista 3D-knit was developed for a more sustainable alternative to the classic fleece. The air pockets between the two layers gives extra insulation with no added weight. The sweater is perfect for the colder moments of the hike, and works as well as a cosy evening sweater.

Move Hood Jacket M/Move Hood Jacket W: Perfect reinforcement jacket with a Primaloft fill, to wear either separately or under the shell jacket. Tip: Perfect to fold into a pillow for the night!

Off-Course Pants M/Off-Course Pants W: Our second thinnest Two-Face Stretch-pants. Very all-round since they breathe well and have extra reinforcement at front of leg, seat and lower leg. And just like all of our Two-Face Stretch pants, they have a fluorocarbon free DWR.


For rainy or windy days

Back Up Jacket Gen.3 M/Back Up Jacket Gen.3 W: Thin and packable shell jacket in Gore-Tex Paclite, now in a more sustainable version with Gore’s new PFCec free DWR. Perfect as protection against rain and strong winds. Wear it as it is or over Move Jacket depending on temperature. Zippers on the sides of the jacket for extra ventilation. The jacket comes with a mesh storage bag that works as a mosquito net.

Back Up Hybrid Pants Gen.3 M/Back Up Hybrid Pants Gen.3 W: Just like the jacket the matching pants are thin, packable and protects you well from rain and wind. They are easy to pull on and have zippers on the sides for ventilation.