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Tierra Test Team


The Tierra Test Team consists of experienced mountain guides and extraordinary users. The amount of strain they put on their clothes during one season equals more than five years of use for a regular user. We let our Test Team put our clothes to the test as early as in the prototyping phase to be able to take advantage of their feedback for real, and make adjustments based on their requests before our clothes hit the final production. This solid testing process outside is unique and the Test Team’s contribution to our product development is invaluable.

"The amount of strain they put on their clothes during one season equals more than five years of use for a regular user"

Karin Eknor

Karin can’t sit still and thinks life is so much better outside. Karin lives in Narvik in northern Norway where the mountains meet the ocean and the adventures are never ending. Karin is a climber, both alpine, ice, mix and rock climbing and bouldering. She also loves running in the mountains, mountain biking and skiing, mostly ski touring but also cross country. And everything in between.

Lately she’s been on more and more own adventures and they are becoming more and more advanced. She loves challenging herself and to learn more about everything within climbing and alpinism. In the end it all comes down to one thing, to feel good and stay healthy.

– I don’t exaggerate when saying that I wear my Tierra clothes every single day, and I love them! I like Tierra’s focus on sustainability. I find sustainability really important and I’m proud to represent a brand that works so hard to cut the environmental footprints of their clothes.

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Karin Eknor, Norway

Christian Edelstam, Greenland

Christian Edelstam

Christian works as a mountain guide based in Abisko, northern Sweden, but his work takes him all over the world. He has been skiing for as long as he can remember and was introduced to climbing in the early 1990’s. His first great adventure was when he crossed Greenland in 1997, the distance was 920 kilometer and included climbing Greenland’s highest summit. Nowadays Christian runs his own guiding company and he loves the solitude and wilderness in northern Scandinavia. Christian has been a member of the Tierra Test Team since the start in 2006.

– I almost don’t possess any other clothes and I can’t picture myself in anything else than Tierra clothes. The testing feels meaningful because it’s obvious that our feedback is being listened to. We’re not just here for show. I’m a proud Test Team member and ambassador for Tierra, says Christian.

Learn more about Christian in our mini-documentary A Life in the Mountains.

Katrin Elfberg

The moment Katrin was climbing for the first time she knew that this would be how she would spend most of her time from that day on. Since then she has become a climbing instructor, spent several seasons of skiing and climbing in the Alps and also hung around in the North American mountains. Katrin lives in Tromsö in north of Norway, studying to become a doctor. She is also part of the Norwegian Mountain Rescue. Katrin finds silence in meditation.

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Katrin Elfberg, El Capitan

Oscar Wahlund

Oscar guides off-piste and ski touring in Maurienne in France, ski touring in northern Sweden and Norway, ice climbing in Jämtland and alpine climbing in the Alpes during summer. His most memorable experience so far was powder skiing in Lofoten a midwinter night under a full moon reflected in the ocean.

Favourite garment: Ace Pant. Works for all seasons and activities. From ice climbing at -30 degrees and rock climbing at +20 degrees to spring ski touring and mountain biking in the forest a chilly autumn day.

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Sara Widell

Sara is a certificated mountain guide and is today combining the job as a guide with being a mum and working as a forester. She enjoys guiding all types of skiing and also alpine climbing.

Sara became part of the Tierra Test Team in 2007 and finds it interesting and lots of fun.

– I appreciate that Tierra is always so interested in our opinion, that feels really good. It’s also nice to know that I always wear great stuff when I don’t have time to think about it myself, when I work but also when I go outside playing with the kids.

Best: skiing with good friends.
Coolest thing I’ve experienced: to become a mum and realize how it’s changed my view on (almost) everything.

Sara's Favourite

Tierra Roc Blanc Jacket: "The best Gore-Tex® jacket I have ever used. If I have my Roc Blanc Jacket with me I know I have what I need, no matter if it’s alpine climbing or ski touring. A durable construction makes it a winner in the long run."

Also in the Tierra Test Team: Daniel Isklint.